Which Rice Grain Is Healthier And Why?

Which Rice Grain Is Healthier And Why?

For many individuals across the world, a healthy lifestyle has become the preferred way of life. They have started opting for healthier alternatives to common food.

One of the results of this trend is the dramatic increase in the use of dark-colored rice and quinoa over traditional white rice. Many dieticians recommend quinoa oats, brown bread and brown pasta in a bid to stay healthy.

So the question that arises is whether there is a lot of difference between these three rice grains. Which one is better or superior to the other? Which one provides the most health benefits?

Below are some real facts about white rice, dark rice, and quinoa which might answer these questions,

1. White Rice

White Rice

The most common and affordable rice used around the world is wite rice and it is also gluten-free. However, it is highly refined and polished which means that most of its nutrients are completely washed off.

The reason behind it is that in this process to give white rice its color, their germ, bran layer and husk are removed. This also increases its storage life.

White rice, therefore, has a high glycemic index and low nutrient levels. There are few manufacturers who artificially restore some of the lost nutrients but it’s still not sufficient.

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