Udemy Review 2020

Udemy Review 2020 1


Udemy joins the ranks of several other online education platforms including Udacity, Coursera, edX, Lynda and Khan Academy. Like these other resources, the bulk of Udemy’s content is free. In fact, roughly 1/3 of Udemy’s courses are completely free of charge. And most of the paid courses are very affordable. What sets Udemy apart from the pack is their open call for content. Unlike the other online education platforms that either create their own content or curate it from universities,

What sets Udemy apart from the pack is their open call for content. Unlike the other online education platforms that either create their own content or curate it from universities, Udemy allows almost anyone to create their own course and act as an expert instructor.

Of course, this unique approach has its pros and cons. The biggest pro is the absolutely massive catalog of online courses. The biggest con? Poor quality courses offered by unqualified “instructors” just looking to make a quick buck. Fortunately, Udemy does a pretty good job of weeding out the lackluster courses from the rest of their catalog. The most effective way that they do this is through their user review system. Users, or students if you will, rank and review each course they take, allowing you to find courses with the most favorable responses.


Udemy allows you to take a highly-rated top-quality course at your own pace. It’s perfect for those looking to learn new vocational skills without committing to in-person classes. You should use Udemy because it helps you find courses on the subjects you need to know about to improve valuable skills. Depending on the course, you’re able to interact with instructors and other students online. Be sure to review the intro and free preview to each course before selecting it. These features help you find the courses that best suit your particular learning style.

Mobile App

Udemy comes with a mobile app to support its reader. But you might wonder, “how come Mobile App helps you?”
By using the mobile app, you no longer have to carry your laptop everywhere. You can learn at any time, any place. Nobody likes to carry their laptop all the time. So, it’s a good point to consider.

You can click here to download the app.

Udemy supports the majority of the Mobile Platforms (be it Android or iOS).

The mobile app from Udemy has all the features that you will find on their Desktop Version.

Pricing and Cost

Let’s discuss the price & cost of Udemy. The Udemy comes with a price range of $20-$199.99. There is always a sale running on Udemy – isn’t it a cool thing?

So most of the time you can get the course for as low as $9.99. This is one of the biggest advantages of using Udemy.

Check the prices here.

Refund Policy of Udemy

Udemy offers a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. So, if you opt for a course and just in a few days’ time you realize that you are not satisfied with it you can get your money back.  In the 30 days that you have prior to asking for a refund, you are free to access the course.

This also makes Udemy a favorable platform to try out different courses that you wouldn’t be comfortable in investing in otherwise.

Wide Range of Courses

Udemy offers a wide range of courses to choose from. It is one of the platforms that cater to all needs. It is an all-in-one platform. So, you could find any course on Udemy. Whatever your need will be, you will never go empty-handed.

You will be able to find courses from all the niches like technical, music, arts or any hobby classes. It is just the ocean of online courses.

Most of the course has a lot of topics to choose from. If you search on any topics, you will get 1000s of courses on that topic.

This is one of the advantages of Udemy but sometimes this might create confusion for you.

Course Completion Certificate, Value of Certificate

On successful completion of a course on Udemy, you will be awarded a “Course Completion Certificate”. This certificate would be a great thing to showcase your talent to your potential employer.

The certificate will be awarded to you if you have completed all the video lectures from the course. You can add the certificate to your resume. This could give me an extra edge in your resume.

The certificates from Udemy has not been accredited from any University. So, you can’t get any benefits if you want to pursue higher education. It wouldn’t help you with college credits.

Final Assessment Of Udemy Platform


The USP (Unique Selling Price) of Udemy is that it provides affordable education to all with lifetime validity. Udemy always works at low prices.

Udemy Pros

Here is the list of Top 10 Pros for Udemy:

1. Course price fits in every pocket

2. Covers Huge Subject Topic

3. Wide Range of Courses

4. Udemy Mobile Application

5. Offline View

6. Lifetime Access

7. Money-Back Guarantee

8. Through Knowledge

9. Certification of Completion

10. Downloadable Materials

Udemy Cons

So, the cons of Udemy are listed here:

1. No Quality Control

2. No Support from Udemy

3. No Qualification for Authors

4. No Project from Udemy

Is Udemy Worth It?

As from above the Udemy Review, I will like to conclude that Udemy could be best for someone willing to learn new techniques in the budget. Udemy has some of the best courses available for their platform. Some of the authors are the best in their category.

You need to dig out the best authors & best course in their domain. You also need to keep in mind that after buying courses, you are given lifetime access to that course. So, it could be a great bet as you can learn anytime, anywhere lifelong. Whenever you are needed to get a quick look at any topic, you can open the lectures & watch it again.

So, the answer to the question – Udemy courses worth it? Yes. Pretty much yes.

So, I have given my review of the Udemy platform. So, I will suggest you guys you can try this Udemy platform to gain knowledge. It is worth giving a try.