Nuts and Seeds: How much is Too much?

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Nuts and Seeds

The health benefits of nuts and seeds have been widely discussed by many researchers and also the media. Nuts and seeds have a high quantity of critical minerals and vitamins and healthy unsaturated fat that can truly benefit to reduce your cholesterol and combat heart diseases. They help you lose weight and also protect you from cancer.

However, like all good things, overindulging on nuts and seeds cause irritations in the short term and prove to be highly risky in the long term. Thus it becomes necessary to know what level should not be exceeded. The following are the effects of nuts and seeds on our bodies.  Some of these are the negative benefits of eating too much nuts and seeds!

1. Weight Gain

Weight gain

Eating seeds and nuts can assist in losing weight, but only in a certain limit. You also have to change your entire food and workout regime. Nuts have a very high amount of unsaturated fat, but it still consists of a high-calorie percentage. Overeating nuts will only result in weight increase rather than dropping pounds.

When you add seeds or nuts to your diet for weight reduction, it is crucial to compensate by decreasing the number of calories you intake from the rest of your diet. You need to be aware that nuts and seeds are not one of those healthy meals you can forget that you consumed without interfering in your diet.

Nuts and Seeds: How much is Too much? 1

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