Is Sushi Safe to Eat? 8 Tips for Safer Sushi

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Is Sushi Safe to Eat

If you love eating sushi, then this list is going to disappoint you a lot. Is Sushi Safe to Eat? Here we listed some rather disgusting side effects of eating sushi.

Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish made of raw fish. It is a wildly popular food and most restaurants present them as a beautiful piece of art on a plate.

It uses very healthy ingredients, filled with ocean fish and omega-3 fatty acids. But sadly that is not the complete truth of sushi. There are some surprisingly harmful things hidden in those tiny pieces of art.

Is Sushi Safe to Eat? Find out below.

1. Not So Healthy


Sushi usually has a very high content of sugar. Rice used in sushi preparation is mixed with sugar and rice vinegar.  In every cup of rice, you already get a tablespoon of sugar can spike blood sugar levels all by themselves. So when you eat sushi you get a double whammy of sugar. The sauces that are served along with sushi also have a lot of sugar in it. So you are eating a very unhealthy meal.

There are many restaurants that serve fake wasabi which is just colored horseradish. Few food color dyes are known carcinogens.

Is Sushi Safe to Eat? 8 Tips for Safer Sushi 1

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