How To Modify A Recipe To Make It Healthier

How To Modify A Recipe To Make It Healthier

We all know how bad all the fast food, chips, and sweets are for our health, but still, we like to binge on them. They come heavily loaded with salt, saturated fats, and sugar. All these negate any essential nutrients that may have been in the food in its whole form.

But they taste so good, that we can’t let go of them easily. So instead of asking you to quit all of these yourself entirely, we are giving you 7 amazing methods to turn your unhealthy food into something better, healthier and still very tasty.

1. Make a Swap

Make a Swap

Most of the junk foods can be easily substituted for other items that are healthier but still delectable. What we crave when we feel like eating chips is usually the salty crunch. Replace the regular salty varieties of junk with baked chips, nuts, popcorn, or even carrot sticks with a little onion dip.

People with a sweet tooth can satisfy their cravings with baked goodies made with fruit (especially applesauce) instead of sugar. Mix some semi-sweet chocolate chips, raisins, and salted peanuts, for a trail mix that quenches both the sweet and salty craving at once, while also providing healthy fats and vitamins.

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