Here’s Why You Should Not Throw Away Lemon Peels

2. Weight Loss

Weight Loss

The lemon peel comes with bioflavonoids and Citrus pectin that helps in weight loss and combating obesity. In a simulated study using SHIME (Simulator of the Human Intestinal Microbial Ecosystem), it was found that citrus pectin has anti-inflammatory effects on certain gut bacteria that are linked with fighting obesity. These beneficial bacteria – such as Megamonas and Lactobacillus showed a positive response to the extracts from the lemon peel.

Pectin is a soluble fiber that decreases gastric emptying and increases satiety in people with obesity. These are important to control weight and reduce obesity.

A rat study showed that pectin increases the production of digestive enzymes and hormones (GLP-1). This led to a decrease in food intake, fat content, and body weight. Human research is warranted to further validate these claims.