15 Foods To Increase Your Blood Platelets Count Naturally

15 Foods To Increase Your Blood Platelets Count Naturally

In this article, we will discuss the foods to increase your blood platelets count naturally. Platelets are important plate-shaped, sticky, colorless, components of your blood. These small cells are what produce blood clots whenever you have an injury, whether small or life-threatening. Low platelet count causes excessive blood loss and in extreme cases even death. The blood platelet count commonly falls due to viral diseases, genetic disorders, or cancer.

Low platelet count may also cause symptoms like fatigue, easy bruising, and bleeding gums. Along with medical attention, you will also need to consume the right foods that naturally amplify the blood platelet count. Hence we have listed some amazing foods that will help increase your platelet count (1).

Here are the 15 foods to increase your blood platelets count.

1. Papaya And Papaya Leaf

Papaya And Papaya Leaf

If your blood platelet levels are low it is highly recommended to consume papaya. Along with eating ripe papaya fruit, you can also drink a concoction made from the papaya leaves. They are equally beneficial in increasing the blood platelet count. Studies conducted by the Asian Institute of Science and Technology in Malaysia found that papaya leaf extract was significantly effective in multiplying the platelet count in patients who had dengue.

Put the papaya leaves in a kettle filled with water and boil it. Strain well and drink the extract twice daily. You can try consuming both the leaf extract and the fruit will speed up amplification of the blood platelet count.