Eating Pizza Can Do This To Your Body

Eating Pizza Can Do This To Your Body

What actually happens in your body when you eat pizza?

Long thready melted cheese, tangy meat, crunchy veggies, all topped on white bread baked into luscious richness! Hmmmm… So Yummy! Just the thought might be increasing your craving for a pizza. They are loved by all, children, teens, middle-aged, seniors. But is this tasty treat giving you any health benefits?

There are benefits but not as many as there are harmful effects of eating pizza. So here we list down what you stand to gain and lose from each component of a pizza. We’ll also give you some tips on choosing a healthier pizza.

1. Crust

Pizza crust

The pizza crust is mostly made with white flour just like white bread. White flour is as harmful as sugar because the body processes flour quickly and immediately stores it at belly fat. Most commercial outlets use trans fats (hydrogenated oils) on the crusts which are quite bad for the heart and also increase obesity.

Opt pizza shops that sell whole wheat, unstuffed crust. Whole wheat gives the extra fiber which improves the way your guts process food. Also, it is better if the pizza crust has healthy olive oil drizzled on it.

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