Coconut Oil: Nectar or Poison?

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Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been called a superfood and at the same time also been labeled poison. It always receives a lot of attention and creates a lot of debates, and like most debates, the truth is that it is somewhere in the middle. People that consume a lot of coconut oil have very little possibility of heart disease than those that don’t. Nevertheless, it is widely known that coconut oil comprises about eight percentage of saturated fat, and a high amount of saturated fat in the diet leads to cardiovascular problems, including heart disease.

The health benefits of coconut oil lie in the medium-chain triglycerides. Once you realize how these triglycerides behave in the body, you can plan if a daily coconut oil consumption is right for you. So here is a list of the good and the bad effects on your body if you consume coconut oil every day.

1. Improved Fat Burning

Increased Fat Burning

Coconut oil is well known for increasing the number of excess calories you can burn because it has medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). A study found that consuming fifteen to thirty grams of MCTs each day increases energy expenditure (calorie burn) by five percentage.

So when you are hitting the gym to shed weights, the extra burn helps. The best way to extract maximum benefits from food high in MCTS is to be done in combination with a decrease in carbs and to make it better, an exercise regimen.

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