8 Dangerous Symptoms Parents Should Never Ignore

Symptoms in children

Every now and then your child’s stool will change or some antibiotics will not cure a virus. So here are the 8 dangerous symptoms parents should never ignore.

Every parent will be wishing that their child never falls sick or at least it becomes easier to notice the changes in their kid’s health.  Knowing which symptoms need immediate treatment by doctors and which don’t, is an important part of being a parent.

As you spend more time with your child, you will know if you need to rush to your doctor or not. If your doctor doesn’t have the right answers, do not delay in finding a new one.

1. Unresponsiveness

Unresponsiveness child

The first thing you do if your child is unconscious or is not responsive calls 911 and get help immediately.

If you can not get your child to wake up and be alert or if your child is strangely inactive or quiet, do not delay in calling your doctor.

If your kids’ responsiveness changes particularly after getting hit on the head or falling down you need to immediately take them to the hospital.

8 Dangerous Symptoms Parents Should Never Ignore 1

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