7 Things Your Nails Say About Your Health

7 Things Your Nails Say About Your Health

There are many things your nails say about your health. Not many are aware of the fact that something as small and insignificant as fingernails can be a window into your health. Experts believe that fingernails can provide a history of nutrition, injuries, illnesses, and even hidden critical conditions (1).

The main function of fingernails and toenails is to protect sensitive skin from damage since we use our hands and feet a lot. It is only when you lose a nail that you realize how important nails are. Most of them don’t bother paying attention to their fingernails, except for women who love to decorate them.

Here we discuss seven odd changes you may notice in your fingernails, what causes them and what you need to do about them. Keep checking your fingernails, some of these conditions require immediate treatment.

Below are the 7 Things Your Nails Say About Your Health.

1. White or Pale Nails

White or Pale Nails

If your naked nails have an odd color, you need to examine it properly. Extremely pale nails are usually a sign of malnutrition, anemia or it could be congestive heart failure or liver disease.

White nails with darker rims are usually associated with liver disease. A pink band at the tips of the nails are common signs of aging to diabetes to heart, liver or kidney disease.

Talk to your doctor if your nails have changed colors or get colored spots.

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