7 Worst Foods You Should Never Feed Your Kids

7 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Kids

Here are the seven foods you should never feed your Kids. A few of the worst foods for kids, some of which are rather shocking.

Most parents find it difficult to get children to eat their food. So they start feeding those foods that their kids love rather than foods that are healthy. It is tough to list just seven foods because there are a lot of unhealthy foods out there.

Kids foods come with colorful packaging with cartoons on them and are aggressively marketed on TV during children’s programs. So the kids are constantly bombarded with these foods and then they start pestering their parents to buy them those foods.

However, all these kids’ foods are extremely unhealthy and can set your child up for a lifetime of obesity and bad health. Start feeding them healthier foods for a healthier life.

1. Fruit Juice

Fruit Juice

Parents should keep their kids away from all those colorfully packaged fruit juice, sodas, sports drinks because they give almost no nutritional value and are rich in sugar. Kids usually love these, because of their sweetness. But sugar is really bad for kids.

Even fruit juice which is freshly juiced without any added ingredients is quite unhealthy. When juiced you lose most of the fiber and nutrients of the fruit and what remains is just a lot of sugar. Sugar decays your teeth, makes you gain weight, and also increases the risk of various diseases. It is advised to feed whole fruits rather than juice to your children.

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