7 Effective Home Remedies for Skin Fungus

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7. Tea Tree Oil 

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has been used by Native Australians for more than a century for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties for a century now. Nowadays, the use of tree oil for treating fungal infection has become quite common. The oil removes all the toxins from the infected area and reduces inflammation.

To treat the fungus on the skin, prepare a 2% dilution of tea tree oil with coconut oil. Apply it to the infected area 3 times every day. You can also apply the oil directly to the infected area if you do not have sensitive skin.


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the following precautions to keep the skin fungus away: 

  • Make sure you keep your skin clean and dry.
  • Don’t wear shoes that are too tight to allow air to circulate freely around your feet.
  • Avoid places like changing rooms and communal showers. Make sure that you wear appropriate footwear if you have to visit these places.
  • Don’t wear tight clothes when you go out on a hot day.
  • Don’t wear the same socks and underwear daily.
  • Avoid sharing stuff like towels, socks, underwear, bedsheets, etc.
  • If you have touched an animal, make sure you wash your hands right after.
  • After exercising you need to take a shower right away.
  • Clip and clean your fingers and toenails regularly. 

If you are already infected: 

  • The most important thing is to avoid scratching no matter how badly it itches, as it can worsen the infection.
  • You have to keep your skin clean and dry. Use a soft towel to clean the infection. You mustn’t use that same towel on any other body parts to avoid spreading the infection.
  • Wearing tight jeans, pants or underwear can further increase the irritation. Make sure you wear a fabric that doesn’t irritate the skin. It is advised that you lose clothes and higher quality fabric. This will reduce the friction if the infection is in the armpits or between the thighs.
  • In case you can’t avoid wearing tight jeans or suitable fabric, put handmade cotton pads between the thighs or under the armpits. It reduces friction and irritation.
  • Perfumes or washing detergents can further irritate your infected skin. 
  • Clean the infected area at least three times daily and change your clothes daily.

When to see a doctor:

The ringworm usually cures in 2 weeks to 20 days, even in the most severe cases. But make an appointment with a skin doctor immediately if the infection doesn’t go away even after the suggested time.

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