7 Drinks For a Natural Kidney Cleanse

7 Drinks For a Natural Kidney Cleanse

Kidneys are two small bean-shaped organs that filter your blood, remove wastes and keep the right balance of electrolytes. The filtered out waste is passed out as urine. Healthy kidneys play a vital role in keeping you healthy.  

Kidney infections are very dangerous and nearly 64000 kidneys (renal) cancer cases are diagnosed each year. Kidney cancer accounts for almost 14,000 deaths annually.

Here we are listing a few healthy drinks that cleanse your kidneys and ensures it functions properly.

1. Dandelion Tea

Dandelion Tea

Dandelion is not just a common flower used to add colors to a bouquet, it is also a healthy food source. You can eat a whole dandelion and it is remarkably healthy for your kidneys. Dandelion tea is rich in iron, zinc, potassium, vitamins A, B-complex, C and D. The tea has diuretic properties that make you urinate more regularly at the same time replace the potassium you lose in the urine.

Native American medics have been using dandelions to treat kidney disease for a long time. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is also known to dissolve kidney stones. Before you drink the tea make it a point to check with a doctor first.

7 Drinks For a Natural Kidney Cleanse 1

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