30 Awesome Products To Get Rid Of Pent Up Stress

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1. Himalayan salt lamp. Bulb and wire included in the product. This can be used in both day and night lamps. Every piece has a unique natural shape as these are a single cut piece from the salt rock.

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 Himalayan salt lamp

The most well-known benefit of Himalayan pink salt lamps is their incredible power to remove dust, pollen, smoke from the air and acts as a natural air purifier.

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2. Poop emoji pillow. This soft toy in their bedroom will give them endless hours of fun-filled playtime. The toy is crafted with perfection using the finest materials and non-toxic and soft fabric.

 poop emoji pillow

Soft and cuddly filling, huggable, and the loveable soft toys can also be presented for someone special.

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3. Candle. Our scented candles are crafted by combining a blend of finest fragrance essential oils,plant-based wax blends, and German lead-free cotton wicks. Each candle is hand-poured by artisans for a faultless finish.

Scented Healing Candle

A sweet fragrance of Red Berries complimented with a mixture of plant-based wax and essential oils with Rose Quartz Crystal.

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 4. Motivating bracelet. The wire bangle bracelet featuring engraved message dangle charm design adorned with an engraved charm. And the inspirational message engraved bangle serves as a must-have jewelry accessory to adorn the outfit, enlighten the mind, and empower the spirit.

 motivating bracelet

Pure surgical stainless steel is used to make this product, which doesn’t cause any harm to the skin.

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5. Aloe Vera wipes. Packed with the goodness of aloe vera, Himalaya moisturizing aloe vera facial wipes help moisturize and soothe your skin while effectively removing dirt.

Himalaya Moisturising Aloe Vera Facial Wipes

Enriched with natural ingredients, facial wipes help cleanse your skin gently.

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6. 2.5 L water bottle. capacity lightweight BPA Less Plastic water bottle (1 Piece) with dual carry handle, Carry enough drinking water for the whole day in this Elegant, Fashionable and Multipurpose 1.5 L water juice bottle.

 2.5 L water bottle

Compact and is easy to carry wherever you go, great quality, leak-proof screw cap, reliable.

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7. Leather-bound journal. Diaries by Pranjals House are made from Special Quality of Goat Leather. Giving these diaries a vintage and rich look. Crafted perfectly by expert artisans with premium quality leather and jute that ensures durability and strength of the merchandise.

 leather-bound journal

Handcrafted Out Of The Finest Quality Of Leather. PAGES: 100 Pages Of Unruled Handmade Papers.

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8. 500-piece jigsaw puzzle. THE GETTY MUSEUM is a popular art museum in Los Angeles that houses paintings, drawings, sculpture, illuminated manuscripts, decorative arts, and photography.

Mosaic Mind Bender 500-Piece Puzzle Game

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9. Kindle Paperwhite. The thinnest, lightest Kindle Paperwhite ever—300 PPI glare-free display, reads like real paper even in bright sunlight. Now with twice the storage – 8GB – store thousands of books so you can take your library with you.

 Kindle Paperwhite

The built-in adjustable light lets you read indoors and outdoors, day and night.

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10. Coffee. An instant coffee powder packed in a bottle of happiness, a drink for instant pleasure. You can enjoy the great taste of coffee in every sip. Enhanced processes ensure that the fresh coffee aroma is preserved

Country Bean Instant Coffee Powder

Pure vegetarian with a shelf life of 365 days packed in a jar of 60 g each. To enjoy this coffee at its best, please consume within 3 months of breaking the seal. Store in a cool and dry place.

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11. Organic hibiscus tea. Hibiscus tea is a delicious nutritional retreat for your body and taste buds. bursting with antioxidants, hibiscus tea supports immune, heart, and digestive health and also aids weight management and a more relaxed emotional state.

Organic Hibiscus Flower Tea

Curates the finest teas of India and crafts them into unique blends with all the natural ingredients. Our teas are sourced and processed in the most organic and natural way. 

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12. Bath salt variants. After a long, tiring day at work, a nice long soak in a hot tub with Nyassa Dead Sea Bath Salt is just the ticket to relieving your senses again. Nyassa brings you all the goodness of the Dead Sea Salt in this bath salt.

Nyassa Dead Sea Salt

It can be used as foot soak – Helps combat various skin infections – Helps in skin regeneration while maintaining healthy skin.

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13. Squishy slow-rise toy. Super soft slow rising, have great hand feel, suitable as hand pillow, stress relief toys, vent emotions, gifts, collections, decorations, teaching aids, finger rehabilitation training, DIY products.

 squishy slow-rise toy

Children under 3 years old should be taken good care of my parents, to avoid accidental swallowing.

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14. Areca plant. Areca Palm also is known as the oxygen giving plant is widely used to brighten up the interiors. It features feathery; arching fronds and is one of the easiest palm trees to grow indoors.

 areca plant

Air Purifier, Low Maintenance, and easy to grow plant. These are one of the most attractive, durable, and tolerant houseplants.

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15. VLCC Pedicure and Manicure Kit. VLCC Natural Science Hand and Foot Care Kit with Ayur Lotion 50 ml; From face care, body care to hair care, hand and foot care, you no longer have to think or worry about any of these things because of a noteworthy brand.

VLCC Pedicure and Manicure Kit

Package Contents: Cocoa Butter Hand & Foot Cream, Orange Anti Tan Pack, Pediglow Hand & Foot Scrub, Pediglow Hand & Foot Cleanser.

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16. Hourglass. We are corporating with USPS, which is about 7-12 days to get your hand .; Made By high borosilicate glass,100% hand-blown made clear glass.


Biloba 6 Inch Puff Sand Timer/Hourglass 60 Minutes – Cocoa Color Sand – Inspired Glass/Home, Desk, Office Decor.

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 bright red hoodie

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18. Detoxifying serum. Hydrate your skin with the mCaffeine Naked Detox Green Tea Face Serum. This serum helps in making your skin feeling refreshed in the morning as well as in the evening after a long day. This antioxidant-rich serum moisturizes the skin deeply. 

mCaffeine Naked Detox Green Tea Face Serum

The Green Tea in this face serum is a natural source of Caffeine that tones & soothes the skin and gives a healthy glowing skin.

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19. De-stressing activity book. A collection of restful puzzles and brain-training activities, designed to relieve stress and inspire creativity.

The Mindfulness Puzzle Book

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20. Foot spa machine. The mechanical roller is equipped with many massage points. That help to foot front and rear rubbing massage also helps to promote blood circulation effect.

 foot spa machine

A bubble jet at the bottom of the foot bath to give impact the sole acupoints. It also plays a vital role in relieving muscle tension and flexible massage. 

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21. Yoga mat. 6 feet long & 2 feet wide ensures comfort for people of all shapes and sizes. With highly durable TPE material, the 6 mm thick premium mat comfortably cushions the spine, hips, knees, and elbows on hard floors. The mat size is perfect for men and women of all shapes.

Boldfit Yoga mat

The material is biodegradable and free from PVC, silicone, latex, and other toxic materials.

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22. Bathing foam. Sink into the scent of a field of flowers with this beautiful bath time indulgence. With a dewy rose fragrance and the essence of British roses, this relaxing bath foam helps create a sense of wellbeing and leaves skin feeling softer and smoother.

 British Rose Petal Soft Bath Foam

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23. Fun planner. The Perpetual Procrastinator’s Productivity Planner: A hilarious diary with 365 ways of wasting time.

The Perpetual Procrastinator’s Productivity Planner

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24. Portable eye massager. Belik Portable Wireless Eye Massager reduces eye strain, massages acupressure points, and helps reduce headaches. The eye massager works on an automatic cycle and turns off on its own. It improves sleep quality and energizes the body.

Belik Portable Wireless Eye Massager

Relieves Headaches, Rejuvenates the Body, Improves Sleep, and Relieves Eye Stress.

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25. Sacred Salts. Sacred Salts Milk Protein Range is an ultra-lightweight range that retains the moisture levels, intensely re-hydrates the lost moisture in your skin instantly, and keeps it fresh, glowing, and silky smooth.

Festive Hamper Milk Protein Face Wash

Milk is a source of Antioxidants helps in exfoliating the skin and cleansing of pores, Milk helps to increase the healthy life of your skin.

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26. Cable organizer.  This eco-friendly silicone material is neither too hard nor too soft, keeps great resilience, makes wires fixed firmly, and removed without effort.

 cable organizer

It is easy to adhere to flat surface and removed with no residue left behind.

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27. Refreshing Mandala Colouring Book. Colouring helps in harnessing creativity and making productive use of our free time. Through colouring stress and anxiety are expelled as we take in positivity. Keeping in mind all these benefits of colouring, we have prepared this book.

Refreshing Mandala

It is believed that coloring can be therapeutic and therefore the book can help a person in releasing stress and eliciting a relaxing mindset.

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28. Wall frame. Easy, ready to install HD artwork with frame. Sturdy, strong, beautiful posters, paintings, decals, vinyl, and artwork to decorate and create a unique ambiance in your home office walls with these artistic designs.

 wall frame

It can be used for living room, home decor and for gifting purposes.

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29. Sugar-free granola bars. Energy and nutrition bars in exotic flavors – butterscotch, berry blast, chocolate peanut butter, orange, mango ginger, and chyawanprash. A burst of delightful flavor in every bite. A wholesome treat to savor and not just eat.

 sugar-free granola bars

The goodness of fiber to keep you full and healthy. Stack and keep a pack of these handy snack bars.

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30. Belgian Hot Chocolate. Store in A Cool Dry Place, Away from Heat and Sunlight; Safety Warnings: Products are Concentrates, Be Mindful of the Dosage; The Flavours Work at Extremely Low Dosage.

Ossoro Belgian Chocolate Powder

Specialty: No Artificial Colors; No Preservatives; Directions: Follow Suggested Dosage Mentioned on The Product Label.

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