3 Drops of Oregano Oil Can Do This to Your Body

6. Lose Weight

Lose Weight

No scientific research exists that connects oil of oregano to weight loss in humans; however, oil of oregano is purported to help with digestive health and increase metabolic rate which helps lead to weight loss.

Several types of studies on mouse indicate that due to its carvacrol content, oregano oil may benefit you to lose excess weight. The mice that received carvacrol attained less weight and body fat than those in the group that did not take carvacrol. It seems that this important composite is really able to invert the chain of situations that leads to the formation of new fat cells. It is noteworthy to learn that mice are distinct from people and that more investigation is required, but these outcomes are encouraging.

While oregano oil alone probably won’t cause the pounds to melt away, it can be an effective addition to diet and lifestyle changes aimed at losing weight.

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