20 Best Foods To Improve The Health of Your Kidneys

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In this article, we will discuss the foods to improve the health of your kidneys. The kidneys are vital organs that play the role of filtering and removing extra fluids and toxins from the system. It also stimulates red blood cell production and controls blood pressure. But our daily habits cause harsh damage to our vital organs.

The National Kidney Foundation has stated that millions of people are affected by kidney disease. When the kidney stops functioning efficiently, it affects the other organs leading to further health issues.

Here are the 20 foods to improve the health of your kidneys.

1. Water


Water is extremely essential as it is required for every part of the body to function properly. Drinking sufficient amounts of water prevents stone-forming crystals from sticking together, thus lowering the risk of kidney stones. Water helps to flush out infection-causing bacteria and prevent urinary tract infections. Experts have estimated that women should drink 9 glasses and men 13 glasses daily. However, people suffering from kidney failure should restrict drinking too much water. It is best to ask your doctor for the right amount of water you should drink daily depending on the condition of your kidneys and daily activity.