17 Products For People Who Can’t Find Stuff In Their Own Kitchen

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1. Transparent containers. The Cello checkers plastic PET canister set is made of 100% food-grade PET plastic that helps you store, pulses, spices, and more in a safe way. These containers are Bisphenol A(BPA) free, thus keeping you safe from health hazards. Therefore, these canisters help you make a healthier lifestyle choice.

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 transparent containers

The Containers have swift & easy to operate lid, Ideal for dry food, pulses, spices.

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2. Cutlery drawer organizer. Organize cutlery draws with this practical and smart storage solution. The two halves of the tray can be finely adjusted to fit a variety of drawer sizes from 11.4 to 18.85-inch and lock securely together once in place. Keep your kitchen organized with this stylish and modern drawer insert.

 cutlery drawer organizer

Expandable area for larger items or utensils It has a moveable storage dish for small, loose items.

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3. Magnetic knife holder. The knife should come away very easily and the chances of the knife becoming damaged are very slim. This magnetic knife holder is having a safe place to store knives, flatware, scissors and more is a sure way to extend the life of your tools.

 magnetic knife holder

Its high impact polymer construction, this knife holder allows you to safely store your knives in a way that is quick and easy to access.

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4. Counter and cabinet shelf. It comes with 2 Shelf. 1 shelf is Large size and 1 shelf is medium size. So medium shelf can easily be placed beneath the bigger shelf. Anti-Skid feet helps in better grip and stability. It also makes sure that there are no scratches on the table.

counter and cabinet shelf

It can be easily stored in kitchen cabinets which helps in providing one extra layer to accommodate more kitchen items.

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5. Hanging shelf. 100% Brand and High Quality. This wire basket will be a great storage shelf so you can place a cup, plate, napkin, wrap, or anything you need. The perfect storage and organizing solution for modern kitchens and pantries; Perfect for fruits, vegetables, pasta, soups, canned goods, bottles, cans, baked goods, and many other kitchen pantry items.

 hanging shelf

Multi-Functional Iron Home Storage Basket Cabinet Storage Rack Durable Wire Kitchen Rack Organizer Cupboard Storage Shelf.

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6. Storage rack. Solve your storage problems with this storage tower. With the hollow design of each bottom, no water will be left. Fast slide movement with the rolling castors helps to keep everything organized. This kitchen storage shelf slides easily in and out ideal for utility room, bathroom. This rack can hold up to 20 kg.

 storage rack

It has the perfect size to slip next to every gap. The high-temperature resistance and good durability.

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7. Fridge storage containers. Save space and get quick & easy access to your favorite foods and pantry items, you will save time and have a better idea of which food items you have on hand, organize bins by food categories. These food storage bins help to maintain visual access to the contents of your fridge, freezer, or pantry, saving you precious time and effort.

 fridge storage containers

Easily store kitchen staples and pantry supplies like chips, cookies, or a large soup, rice, flour, sugar, and beans in these sturdy containers.

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8. Pan Organizer. Callas Pan & Pot organizer rack can be placed inside the kitchen cabinet to be converted into an organizer to enhance general kitchen management. It is a must-have accessory to free up more space, and always to make organizing and reaching for pans hassle-free, and to keep your kitchen counter or cabinet in a tidy and organized way.

 pan organiser

Each tier is 2.4 inches and made of sturdy metal, giving you the ability to store large pans and heavy cast iron. Easy to clean and protects pans from scratching each other.

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9. Lid rack. New Design pot rack designed with five compartments is perfect for storing pots, pans, bake-ware, and cutting boards of different sizes saving you a lot of kitchen cabinet space. This pot rack organizer can be tapped or erected in cabinets and other places in the kitchen, easy to install.

 lid rack

Stores four pans of different sizes and keeps within easy reach and it just creates additional storage space.

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10. Door hook. The great thing about these Stainless Steel hooks is that you can hang them on just about any door all over the home or office. You can easily find your clothing, scarf, or bag when in a hurry. You save a lot of time by just hanging the things and organizing your house quickly

 door hook

The great thing about these Stainless Steel hooks is that you can hang them on just about any door all over the home or office.

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11. Mesh bags.  Keeps fruits and vegetables fresh longer than plastic bags – the breathable fabric allows ethylene gas to escape. Eco friendly, natural, sustainable, reusable, recyclable, and zero waste. These foldable lightweight mesh/produce bags for vegetables/fruits are double layered and keeps vegetable & fruit fresh for a long time

 mesh bags

Use these net bags to keep your fridge/refrigerator neat and clean and in an organized way.

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12. Solimo Revolving Spice Rack Set. Solimo Revolving Spice Rack set (16 pieces) keeps your kitchen clean and tidy by storing your spice collection in one place. With a beautifully designed carousel offering easy access to your spices, herbs, powdered sugar, and sprinkles; this spice rack set is a useful addition to your kitchen cabinet, drawer, and pantry.

Solimo Revolving Spice Rack set

It comes with 16 spice jars that are easy to use with 3 holes and twistable black lids. You can keep your condiments fresh and odor-free in these jars.

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13. Broom and mop holder.  Wall-mounted mop and broom holder with spring-loaded, double rubber gripped slots, whether wet mops, dirty rakes, or baseball bats, can easily hold heavy tools with a no-slip grip. Organize your broom closet, kitchen, garage, garden, basement, or laundry room with this sturdy and versatile storage solution.

 broom and mop holder

It can easily hold heavy tools with a no-slip grip, and will also withstand extreme temperatures, so can be used outside and inside.

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14. Plate organizing rack. Cabinet Plate Organizer Set.Two Pc Set For Full Plates And Quarter Plate. This Product Neatly Organised Your Cabinet. Ease Od Handling Of Plates. Big Size For Full Plate, Small Size For Quarter Plate, Neatly Organises Your Cabinet.

 plate organising rack

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15. Mug stand. Simple and Stylish Design looks harmonious in your background environment, An Elegant Artist Ornament on your table. Durable and Sturdy; Cup Organiser for a beautiful Well managed Kitchen. Holds up to 6 coffee mugs, tea mugs, cups, or glass.

 mug stand

This Sturdy Mug Display Stand Makes It Easy For You to Air-Dry Your Cups and Bottles after Washing.

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16. Sink Caddy. The Lukzer Sink Sider Faucet Sponge holder does the job. With its slim profile and adjustable strap, it blends into the sink right below your faucet. Water from your sponge and dish brush will drop through the holes in the bottom of the holder so your sponge dries clean.

sink caddy

It can hold kitchen sponges, scrubbers, or bathroom gadgets, keep them clean and space-saving. Can hang in the kitchen, the bathroom faucet to prevent the sponge, washcloth, razor, etc.

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17. Tea Chest Compartments.  Not too big, not too small, just the right size wooden tea box to store and organize all your favorite tea bags in one convenient place; save space and replace cardboard.  Self-standing open lid position for easy teabag selection; see tea bags while the lid is closed with a shatterproof transparent acrylic top; keep teabags fresh and tea contain.

Tea Chest Compartments

8 equally divided adjustable and removable tea chest compartments create 6 unique tea chest compartment sizes that meet multiple storage needs.

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