17 Genius Products To Help You Fall Asleep Faster

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1. Memory foam pillow. Unique Design for optimal sleep position super comfortable all night. It can be used as a Back Pain Leg Pain Pregnancy Hip and Joint Pain.

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 memory foam pillow

Removable and machine washable cover.

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2. Sound-dampening bumpers. Flexible and durable softness to keep quiets the sound of the cabinet, drawer, or door closing. Anti-slip, keep items raised, and to protect from damage and scratches.

sound-dampening bumpers

It can be applied to cabinets, furniture, electronics, computers, home theater equipment, desktops, etc.

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3. Bedsheet suspenders. Adjustable Length 4Pcs fitted bed sheet clips with elastic straps that allow desired tension and fit all edge of the sheet for heavy-duty purpose. It is very convenient to adjust them to the length you need.

bedsheet suspenders

The elastic band will not be deformed for a long time, and the metal plating will not rust.

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4. Body pillow. If you’ve been tossing and turning or waking up with sore muscles and back pains then you owe it to yourself to use a Bedding King Maternity pillow.

 body pillow

Our soft Body / Maternity Pillow with Ball Fiber Filling provides perfect support for your body.

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5. Light-dimming stickers. The problem is that your electronics LED lights are too bright. The light dims are specially designed, removable tiny covers that act like sunglasses for irritating LEDs on your electronics.

light-dimming stickers

LightDims Black Out Edition allows you to get quality sleep without any LED and UV light distractions.

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6. Bedside Caddy. Suitable For Bed & Sofa & Desk – Fits in any interior design style. It’s perfect also for bunk beds, college dorm rooms, small apartments, hospital beds, traveling, hostels.

bedside caddy

Make it easy to find whatever you need at 2 am by keeping it right by your Bed Caddy in the Dark.

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7. Contoured orthopedic pillow. Cooling gel – disperses your body heat and have you a longer cooler and more comfortable sleep; Wake up refreshed and feeling good, safe, and healthy.

contoured orthopedic pillow

It helps you ease neck, shoulder pain reduce pain and stiffness through all night.

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8. Eye mask. open and blink your eyes without them hitting the mask, Relax your eyes in darkness even have long eyelash, To release your eye’s/facial pressure.

eye mask

Unique material-Best night sleep mask for women, 0.5ounce soft and smooth material equipped like low rebound memory foam, milk wire fabric, anti-fade, antibacterial and anti-mite.

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9. Chamomile tea bags. The most wanted herbal tea infused with the delicate fragrance of Chamomile Blossoms, which is rich in antioxidants and packed with overall health and wellness properties.

chamomile tea bags

Contents: Natural Chamomile Flowers | Caffeine Free| Steeping Instructions: Place Tea Bag in cup before pouring hot water. Steep for 2-3 minutes. Drink Plain.

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10. Foam earplugs. For Ear Protection, Travel noise reduction, Meditation, Sleeping Earplugs. Corded for convenience and to prevent loss of earplugs.

 foam earplugs

Smooth, dirt-resistant surface for hygiene, Comfortable for a wide range of ear canal sizes.

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11. White noise machine. SoundSpa’s sounds are designed to mimic the natural environment in order to provide the most relaxing experience possible.

white noise machine

It easily fits into your purse, bag, or suitcase, making it easy to bring your sleep sounds with you wherever you go!

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12. Door and Window draft guard. Cold air stays in and heat stays out. Cool and heat your home more efficiently with this double-sided door draft stopper. Double-Sided Double Protection! Also great for blocking noise and fumes.

door and window draft guard

Draft stopper glides over carpet, wood, tile, linoleum and more to easily move with the door. No need to bend down and reposition.

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13. Blackout curtains. Blackout thermal curtains have high-quality material, well thread trimmed, perfect comfortable feeling, give a good sense to your life.

 blackout curtains

Protect your furniture, floors, and artwork from the ravages of the sun.

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14. Weighted blanket. Made from 100% microfibre shell and filled with 200 GSM hollow siliconized polyester filling, Solimo comforters are warm, cozy, and lightweight.

weighted blanket

100 percent microfibre shell for a rich, luxurious feel, Hypoallergenic filling which protects against allergens.

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15. Sleep headphones. Comfy Fit and Extremely Thin on-ear Discs Bluetooth Headband is made of a durable braided cord and provides a breathable mesh lining, will easily stretch to fit all head sizes, is also incredibly soft and hypoallergenic.

Woniry Sleep Headphones

Bluetooth headband headphones are washable, simply remove the speakers and clean the band.

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16. Essential oil. Fabulous for your skin and hair soothes and nourishes all skin types stimulates hair growth, strengthens hair roots by improving blood circulations.

essential oil

Delivered with a premium quality glass dropper for ease-of-use.

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17. Aroma diffuser. 10 ml Lemongrass essential oil | For Antibacterial, Antifungal, Anti-inflammatory, and Antioxidant properties. It comes with Mirchi Bulb, one attached in the diffuser, and the other with it.

aroma diffuser

Good to use as an air freshener and ethnic look also add a great piece for decor in your office and home.

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