15 Foods You Should Never Refrigerate

15 Foods You Should Never Refrigerate

Refrigerators are commonly used as a tool to preserve food for as long as possible. For most foods, that’s true, like for dairy products, meat, or many types of products in the house. Refrigerators have helped reduce a lot of food wastage which is required in this day and age.

But most foods, especially natural produce, lose their freshness in the refrigerator. Also, the food loses the flavor or changes the texture when left in the fridge for a long time.

The 15 foods we have listed here are best preserved without refrigeration. We are sure this will improve your cooking and you will enjoy your food more. Storing these at room temperature can actually help you avoid unintentionally wasting so much good stuff.

1. Potatoes

15 Foods You Should Never Refrigerate 1

Potatoes usually require a cool, dark environment for a longer storage period, but the refrigerator is too cold. The extremely low temperature inside the refrigerator potentially breaks down the starch in the potatoes, resulting in a gritty texture that is unpleasant to eat.

The fridge also turns the starch in potatoes into sugar over time, further impacting the flavor and its health benefits.

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