15 Awesome Stress Busters For You in 2020

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1. Fidget Cube. The fidget cube is a small handheld device. It has sensory tools on all sides: an on/off-style switch, gears, a rolling ball, a small joystick, a spinning disc, a “rubbing stone”, and 5 buttons.

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 fidget cube

Perfect size suitable for both Adults and Child | A good gift for your friends and family.

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2. Metal wire brain teasers. 18 Pcs amazing IQ toys, offer you freshness and fun all the time. It helps to exercise brains, improve problem-solving abilities, relieve pressure, and more.

 metal wire brain teasers

Made of quality metal that is not easy to rust, stout and durable.

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3. Magnet cube. A creative toy that makes it possible to compose hundreds of geometric patterns. It can make hundreds of amazing shapes like geometric shapes, jewelry, necklaces, or bracelets.

 magnet cube

Suitable for office use, used for creativity and craft decoration on your desktop.

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4. Finger resistance bands. Fit for advanced, finger movements for people with arthritis or musicians who need better finger mobility, increase durability quickly.

 finger resistance bands

The stretchers are more thickness and the finger holes were designed for real finger, no more rip and cut circulation in your fingers.

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5. Squeeze balls. These colorful stress balls in three levels of progression help you focus, relieve stress, and train hands and wrists.

 squeeze balls

The hand exercise eggs can be squeezed, rolled or caught to give a wide range of muscular and motoric/reflex workouts. 

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6. Non-toxic DIY magic clay slime. Super Easy to Play Slime, just take it out of the jar and find your favorite way to play with this fluffy slime. Also ideal for arts, crafts, and school projects.

 non-toxic DIY magic clay slime

A great intelligent plasticine toy for kids, rich colors, develop kids’ creativity and imagination.

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7. Pack of chamomile tea. Helps to alleviate stomach cramps, aids in insomnia treatment, is an Antidepressant, Eases Headaches, and much more. Has Zero Side Effects.

 pack of chamomile tea

Contents: Natural Chamomile Flowers | Caffeine Free| Steeping Instructions: Place Tea Bag in the cup before pouring hot water. Steep for 2-3 minutes. Drink Plain.

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8. Ghost cube. This Magic Cube Puzzle Toy has excellent stability. It is super challenging and fun.

 ghost cube

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9. Metallic tally counters. Small and compact design, LCD screen display, the circle round is adjustable, and it can be fixed on your finger for easy to operate. Mechanically jumps by every press, quick reaction. Reset button help to zero clearings.

 metallic tally counters

It is universally used as a counter in the public place such as in the dock, the bus station, also in daily use for counting the number of automatic closing functions, press and restore interface.

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10. Punching ball. These punch balls can attach to any surface to give you instant stress relief right at your fingertips. The durable spring bounces the punching ball back every time you hit it so that you can keep going until you’re calm.

 punching ball

No matter how long you need to vent, this ball punch toy can take the heat over and over.

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11. Roll-on bottle. Stress Relief Roll-On Blend combines the therapeutic properties of Lavender, Yalng Ylang, Lemon, and Bergamot which provide relaxation from mental stress. A soothing and calming aroma created by Ylang Ylang and Lavender works on the nervous system to overcome stress and anxiety.

 roll-on bottle

Mystiq Relief uses only 100% natural essential oils to create a therapeutic blend. Formulated by highly experienced Aromatherapist.

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12. Colouring book. Reduce stress and restore wellbeing with this bumper collection of more than 120 original designs to colour in. The Bullshit Book of Relaxing Colouring features illustrations from multiple artists for you to enjoy. 

 colouring book

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13. Mini-game of bowling. This bowling game is fun for both kids and adults, and will not feel bored. Also, it’s a great gift for your child to train their ability of accuracy and observation, and hand-eye coordination. Meanwhile, it helps people to release stress and kill time.

 Miniature Bowling Ball Game

Mini Bowling Game Includes: Bowling Ramp, (10) Bowling Pins, (1) Metal Bowling Balls.

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14. Handheld massager. The Lifelong Manipol Massager helps in generating inner strength and improves blood circulation. It also works on relieving pain from the back and shoulder.

 handheld massager

Manipol Massager has 3 changeable massage heads which generate different massage effect at different speed settings.

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15. Power push-up training system. Revolutionary color-coded push-up board targets specifics muscles worked. Heavy “Plug and Press” push up board system with multiple positions and angles that sculpt and maximize upper body definition.

 power push-up training system

Fabricated for all fitness levels. Simple Assembly and Storage. Cushioned, Non-slip Hand Grips.

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