13 Awesome Products You Would Want To Buy Anyway

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1. LED shoelaces.  1 pair shoelaces(shoes not included), each lace has 10 lights and two CR2025 battery. Durable and bright. It is easy to open the battery case to replace it. Suitable for any kinds of Shoes, including running shoes, boots, and skates.Comfortable for kids or Adults.

 LED shoelaces

Great for Hip-hop Dancing, night sports, night jogging, night activities, weddings, parties like birthday party, Mardi Gras Party, Halloween party, dance party, Raves & Celebrations.

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2. Pixel sunglasses. High-quality lightweight PC materials, with nose pad, stable, and more comfortable.  Fashion design with a white square on the lens. Good vision except for the white square area. New casual style, Roll out with confidence in these low-resolution sunglasses.

 pixel sunglasses

 Meme yourself and tell the sun and everyone else to “Deal With It”. 8 bits of attitude for when you just need someone to deal with a situation.

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3. Monkey keychain + 16 GB pen drive. Made by soft PVC rubber material, soft and durable, small size, cute and fashionable. The cap holder design: ensures you won’t lose the animal’s body when the flash drive is plugged into a USB port, easy to notice, and easy to find. Convenient to carry and use it at any time. The perfect gift to your friend and family.

 monkey keychain + 16 GB pen drive

Easy to read and read in high speed, no need drive/power supply only plugin.  Solid State Storage, Shockproof, and electromagnetic proof.

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4. Women’s ankle socks. Stylefolio presents these no show socks, that will keep your feet dry and comfortable. Featuring breathable long stapled cotton, these no show socks will keep your feet cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Women's ankle socks

Made with soft and ultra-breathable mercerized cotton. Elasticized arch band and seamless toe closure for comfort.

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5. Doormat. Be the envy of your neighborhood with these natural, eco-friendly, and chic doormats. Our mats made of coir are backed with 100% PVC to ensure they won’t slip or slide. The hard and tough coir bristles are known for their resilience.


These compactly woven coir bristles, keep the dirt in check and your home clean. 

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6. Poker set. Everything you’ll need to turn your game room into a virtual casino comes in this casino poker chipset. Set of 100 Casino-Quality Poker-Chips. Set of Casino-Quality Poker-Chips. The chips are of approx 5 grams each and are perfectly balanced to give you authentic casino feel and sound.

 poker set

Poker-chips of good quality and printing, Includes tin case and Instruction guide, Comes with 300 chips and one dealer button.

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7. Transformers fidget cube. The face of the fidget craze! Featuring an iconic transformers character as part of the play pattern, this fidgets its cube is shaped like a bumblebee. Combining figures and fidget toys brings fun to the craze with unique character-based points of fidget.

 Transformers fidget cube

Fidget its toy featuring iconic transformers character. Cube is uniquely designed as Bumblebee. Character-based points of fidget bring the cube to life.

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8. Avengers laptop stickers. KaaHego Made a laptop skin sticker. Easy to use and installed. Made of special matt black Vinyl materials ensuring super easy application. Bring your laptop back to life! Let you stand out from the crowd!

Avengers laptop stickers

Easy to apply, easy to remove and no sticky residue when removed.

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9. USB lighter. The combined design of the USB LIGHTER flameless/ windproof is sure to leave you impressed. Made from plastic, this one of a kind electronic lighter is a must-have for your need. The built of the lighter is pretty strong so you can use it for a long time.

 USB lighter

Rechargeable USB smart electronic cigarette lighter. Easy to carry, pocket-size, lighter. Flameless and environment friendly.

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10. Self-stirring mug. Take the strain out of stirring with the Self-Stirring Mug. No need to grab a teaspoon and stir, simply press the button, and all the hard work is done for you. It’s the ultimate idle drinking accessory! 

 self-stirring mug

It’S Perfect For Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, And Even Most Soups. Perfect For The Lazy Tea Or Coffee Lover In Your Life.

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11. Double ring car freshener. Our car perfume features a unique regulation mechanism with high-quality Cologne fragrance, the solid Nano-aroma core is equivalent to 5 ordinary scented tablets. Hassle-free placement on the dashboard and it sources the power from sunlight. 

 double ring car freshener

Reusable & washable adhesive allows you repeatedly set this air freshener on different positions without hurt your car.

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12. Banana-shaped umbrella. Exquisite banana shape design with well-sealed function, with which you can store the wet umbrella in it to avoid dripping water. Color and beauty surround you, make the rainy day become happy and fun. Easy to carry and clean Fashion Banana shape design, show your personality In the crowd.

 banana-shaped umbrella

Wind-resistant, solid and tough umbrella ribs, So cute and small umbrella make your trip more easy and fun. Water-repellent and fast-drying Easy to be stored and put in your bag.

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13. MacBook compact mirror. This Compact Mirror Can Fit Anywhere And Can Travel In Any Purse Or Makeup Bag. Adjustable Angle For Easy Viewing and Easy To Use.

 Macbook compact mirror

You can bring it inside your Handbag, Pocket, your Wallet, or together with your cosmetics, etc.

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