11 All-Natural Antibiotics Provided By Mother Nature

The Overuse of Antibiotics

Antibiotics are now found in most of our meat since most livestock producers are now adding antibiotics in their animal feed to lower the risk of sickness in animals. Moreover, most of us throw all our excess medicines in the toilet, which puts antibiotics in our water supply. These are in turn eaten by the fish that later end up on our plates.

All this daily intake of antibiotics on a near-daily basis is weakening our antibiotic resistance capabilities. The bacteria will soon evolve into a super bacteria to which the medical science will not have a ready cure.

Minimizing your exposure to antibiotics can be ensured by only taking prescribed antibiotics when you really need to.



Antibiotic resistance is a dangerous predicament that you can not escape easily. So every now and then you need to give your body a chance to fight off an infection with the help of the above listed 11 foods before you ask for an antibiotic.

Infusing a minimum of one of these 11 products in your daily routine can give your immune system the necessary boost and fight the bacteria trying to overpower your body. You will need a doctor-prescribed antibiotic medication someday, but it will ensure that your infection is easier to treat when that day comes.

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