10 Things That Have Negative Affect On Your Sleep

10 Things That Have Negative Affect On Your Sleep

In this article, we will discuss tips for things that have a negative effect on your sleep. Not getting enough sleep can make you feel tired throughout the day. Disturbed sleep is not always due to your sleeping schedule and will solve the problem in no time. Many other factors have a direct or indirect effect on the quality of our sleep. We are unaware of most of these and continue without changing them, making us feel worse and worse every day.

In this article, we have listed some non-obvious reasons for your constant disturbed sleep and what steps you can take to change them.

Here are the 10 Things That Have Negative Affect On Your Sleep

1. You go to bed hungry 

 You go to bed hungry

Eating too much just before getting to bed can disturb your sleep. Similarly, even hunger won’t help you sleep better either. You could be staying hungry to put less load on your body of work before sleeping or maybe because you are on a special diet which needs you to not eat after 6 PM. 

When you are hungry, you will sleep poorly. Your body needs enough energy to help you fall asleep. Eating a small snack (150 calories) about an hour before sleep will help the rise of the insulin level in the blood which in turn will lead to the serotonin production that makes the quality of sleep better. Nuts, non-sweet fruits, and some turkey are the best foods to eat before bedtime.