10 Simple Tips to Decrease Stomach Bloating

10 Simple Tips to Decrease Stomach Bloating

In this article, we will discuss simple tips to decrease stomach bloating. Among most of the stomach problems that people suffer practically everywhere in the world, bloating can be considered as one of the most bothersome. This experience of this symptom might vary for different people, but usually, the main issue is always the same which is increased pressure in the abdomen. Even though bloating is linked with many other stomach issues like irritable bowel syndrome, you can also experience right after a heavy meal or with the wrong diet.

In this article, we have listed 10 tried and tested methods to easily avoid bloating and the annoying pain it causes. Following these simple yet effective tips will decrease bloating as well as keep your body healthy.

Here are the 10 Simple Tips to Decrease Stomach Bloating

1. Mindful eating 

Mindful eating

Eating slower and in smaller portions is the simplest practice to prevent bloating. Mindful eating involves thinking about your food intake as a way to treat your body well and not abuse it. The practice basically includes cooking your own meals, eating slowly so you can savor your food, drinking enough water, avoiding multitasking, and, most essentially, respecting your body and health. Mindful eating will also help you control your weight gain and other digestive issues.

Paying proper attention to what you are eating and the amount of food you intake will give your brain time to actually process what you are putting in your mouth. This not only helps you to enjoy your food more, but it also helps reduce the amounts of air bubbles that you swallow with your meal which are the primary and disastrous cause of bloating. To make sure you won’t have to suffer after a delicious dinner, have your meal at a slow pace enjoying each second of the experience.