10 Signals Your Body Gives To Detox

10 Signals Your Body Gives To Detox

In this article, we will discuss simple tips to signals your body gives to detox. In our body, the immune system, kidneys, and liver have the function to self-cleanse once in a while. These organs work simultaneously to remove toxins from your body as soon as they enter it. A toxin is a harmful foreign substance that enters the body and it can be stored in the immune system if it is not removed regularly. Toxins can come from the environment like pollution, radiation, pesticides, or from our lifestyle choices through which we put them into our bodies like prescription drugs, processed foods, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco. The toxins can build up in the body due to metabolic reactions, intestinal microbes, and also stress, fear, or traumatizing events.

When these toxins get overloaded behind the body’s ability to remove them, you start experiencing various symptoms, signaling the need for detoxing. In this article, we have listed the signs our body uses to inform us that we need detoxification and also mentioned where toxins come from.

Here are the 10 Signals Your Body Gives To Detox

1. Weight gain

Weight gain

If you are consciously counting calories and exercising regularly but still notice a persistent increase in your weight, then the reason for it could be toxic overload. Most toxins are lipophilic which signifies that they are being stored in body fat. Lipophilic toxins comprise dioxins and pesticides which stimulate the body to produce more fat cells to store more toxins in it. Until you get rid of these toxins in the body, losing weight becomes almost impossible.