10 Foods You Should Stop Eating Right Now

10 Foods You Should Stop Eating Right Now

In this article, we are going to discuss the foods you should stop eating right now. Most of the products that people put in their shopping carts are ones that you should not even get anywhere near your body. The reasons are many: foods falsely masquerading as healthy, remarkably high prices of convenience foods with very limited benefits, etc.

Plus there are other products that take a terrible toll on our already damaged and decaying environment. So here we bring to your notice 10 items that you should immediately cross off your shopping list for good.

Here is a list of Foods You Should Stop Eating Right Now.

1. Smoked and cured meats

Smoked and cured meats

Cured and preserved meats are extremely unhealthy. In the preservation process, the meats are laced with chemicals known as nitrates or nitrites. These chemicals are known to break down into cancer-causing compounds, once they enter our body.

These meats also come with other unhealthy additives, notably sodium, which affects your high blood pressure levels and may also cause migraines. Plus we can not forget abt the artery-clogging grease. US Federal regulations allow up to 50% fat by weight in meats like sausage and hot dogs.

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